DACH Forum

What is the DACH Forum?
The CEMS DACH Forum is an annual regional event within the German-speaking cluster of CEMS and is rotating between our CEMS schools University of St. Gallen, WU Vienna and University of Cologne. In 2020, the event will be held at the University of Cologne. More details on the agenda can be found here.
When and where will it take place?
The CEMS DACH Forum will take place 02-05 June 2020 at the University of Cologne. The lectures and workshops will be held in the Seminargebäude. For the exact location of UoC, check out the location page. You will receive the exact address of the welcome session together with your DACH Forum Guide before the event.
What will the academic program look like?
Next to lectures providing you with a fundamental base around the topic „Naturally Profitable – Strategies in the Face of Climate Change“, the academic program encompasses key notes from experts from various backgrounds and challenging cases provided by our corporate partners. You will also be asked to write a paper in preparation for the event.
How does the DACH Forum differ from other CEMS regional events?
In contrast to all other CEMS regional events, the DACH Forum is built around a 3 ECTS academic course, which can be accredited as an elective and counts towards your CEMS degree. Moreover, on a more informal note, the highlight of the 4-day event will be a remarkable Closing Gala, including a dinner and drinks. More information on the Closing Gala to come.
What else can I expect from the event?
Besides the academic program, you will have the opportunity to network with our Corporate Partners during the lunch breaks and aperitivos hosted by the companies. Moreover, based on your profile, you may be among the students selected for the Rotation Dinner to extend your network even more, or for interviews with our Corporate Partners to jumpstart your career.
How can I apply for the interviews?
You can apply for interviews directly in the application form (for more information on the application process please have a look at the next FAQ section). You do not need to write any cover letters to apply for the interviews: All you need is your CV, which you directly upload in the application form. The interviews will be held during the academic program.
How can the 3 ECTS be accredited?
Once you have successfully finished the DACH Forum including the pre-assignment and the workshops, you will receive the grade for your performance in the academic program. You can then approach your local CEMS office (i.e. the CEMS office at your home university) to request a transcript for the 3 ECTS course. Thereafter, you simply follow the usual accreditation process in place at your home university, to make sure the course is accredited as an elective in your CEMS degree.


When and where can I apply?
The application will be open 17/02/2020 – 27/02/2020. You can find the link to the application form here.
What are the selection criteria?
The selection will be done based on selection criteria like cover letter, status of your studies, current grade average, and extracurricular activities.
When will I know if I was selected?
You will receive an email about your application outcome to the address provided by you in the application form by the end of March.

General information

How do I get to Cologne?
Depending on your departure location, you can choose to fly or take a bus to Cologne (check out www.flixbus.com) – or travel more environmentally-friendly by taking a train (check out www.flixtrain.com, www.bahn.de or your local train company).
When should I arrive?
The official program will start on Tuesday, 02 June 2020, at 1:00pm on the UoC campus. Please make sure to arrive on time to enable us to start the program smoothly.
How do I get around in Cologne?
Getting around in Cologne is very convenient due to its large and very well connected public transport system. Depending on the location of your accommodation, you might choose different ticket formats. You can find the different ticket types offered by the public transportation provider here. You can buy all tickets at the according public transportation station, so there is no need to buy anything upfront.
Will there be any accomodation organized?
We are organizing a hostel with a room block for CEMS DACH Forum participants that you can book if you wish. More information will follow soon. If you wish to make use of that option, please indicate your interest in the application form. Alternative options would be Airbnb’s, which exist all across Cologne and are very affordable. If you still have difficulties to find an accomodation, please feel free to contact us directly at people@cemsdachforum.com.
What will it cost me?
The participation fee for the DACH Forum is 50€ and includes lunches and snacks in between, so one thing less to worry about. The ticket for the remarkable Closing Gala on the last day of the event (Friday, 5 June 2020) costs 30€ and includes dinner and drinks. Do not miss the chance to have a great last evening together with your fellow CEMSies!
What is the dress code?
The dresscode for the DACH forum day program – including interviews – is „business casual“ – so no need for costume/suit during the day. However, for the Rotation Dinner and the Closing Gala the dresscode will be a bit more formal, so bringing a suit/a dress (doesn’t need to be full-length!) is definitely a good idea. More details on the dress-code will be sent out before the event.