Integrated Management and Leadership

At the DACH Forum 2020, you will have the unique opportunity to discuss this highly relevant topic together with our wide selection of Corporate Partners. The event encompasses an academic program worth 3 ECTS.

The course “Integrated Management & Leadership” provides a very wide-ranging overview towards management and all related topics like general management, process management as well as organizational development. Integrated organizational development starts with a thorough understanding of the strategy, process and structure of an organization before the right measures can be selected and implemented. Additionally, it is very important to understand the interrelation between different topics. To further complicate matters, most organizations and environments have a tendency to change continuously adding additional complexity to daily management. The management of international companies spends more and more time on the planning and execution of projects that aim to establish flexible organizational structures.

The participants are confronted with a real management challenge from the context of an existing company. After an introduction to the environment the participants have to walk in the shoes of the CEO, who is facing severe problems. In order to solve these problems, the teams need to analyze the real situation and propose a holistic solution based on an integrated management understanding. Therefore, the teams are called upon to make reflected use of and combine what they have learned during their study program.


  1. Case study presentation (60% of final grade)
    Each team is required to prepare a presentation addressing the questions of the case study on day 3. Since this is a real challenging case the participants have to work together as a team. The team will need to divide responsibilities and tasks due to the fact of limited time.
  2. Study paper (40% of final grade, submission after the official CEMS DACH Forum week)

We are already looking forward to welcome you to the DACH Forum 2021 in St.Gallen.

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